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  • Materials Testing Institute

About Materials Testing Institute

The Materials Testing Institute (MTI) is a quality control testing laboratory that focuses on materials research and geotechnical engineering testing including construction materials as specified by standard materials testing standards. The MTI is situated in the Department of Civil Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering at Namibian University of Science and Technology. As one of the most technically advanced civil engineering laboratories in Namibia. We boast highly specialised personnel in the field of road pavement design, foundation engineering and construction management. The MTI specialises in geotechnical engineering including standard testing of soils, concrete, asphalt and seals.

This website provides information about the main equipment, the tests which can be carried out, how the equipment is used in the various courses, and about the staff
 directly involved.

Our service lines encompass the following:
Our specially tailored client services include:
Strategic Plan
Management Plan

Contact MTI

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History of MTI

The Materials Testing Institute was established in 2010 under the implementation agreement for technical cooperation projects between the then Polytechnic of Namibia now the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ)  concerning the strengthening of institutional development and management capacity in the road sector of Namibia.

The agreement aims are:

  • Strengthening the activities of local civil engineering industries by providing a  wide range of laboratory testing facilities


  • Act as a platform to conduct tests and research inked to  the following civil engineering sub-disciplines:
    • Road Engineering
    • Foundation Engineering
    • Building Engineering and
    • Geotechnical Engineering

  • To be equipped with state-of-the-art civil engineering machinery, testing equipment and expertise that will address the growing engineering challenges in fields stated above


  • Acts as a centre of excellence in Material Testing in Namibia and the region.An accredited institute capable of carryout detailed material testing activities that address the academic, research and industrial needs of Namibia

Our Services

  • Soils and gravels
  • Concrete and aggregates for concrete
  • Asphalt and aggregates for asphalt
  • Bituminous products and binders
  • Site Investigation
  • Borrow pit and centre line investigations
  • Foundation design
  • Training and skills transfer
  • Commercial testing
  • Laboratory management services
  • Research and development within the civil engineering materials disciplines
  • Site laboratories
  • Lab Staff Hire

Our Equipment

Below view our equipment and what each piece of equipment is used for.


The Materials Testing Institute (MTI) has various engineering laboratory equipment in with a specialisation in the  Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering to be used in the fields of:

1.     Road Engineering

2.     Foundation Engineering

3.     Building Engineering

MTI has the necessary equipment to carry out routine and advanced tests for Education, Research and Consultancy purposes. The qualified staff of the Faculty of Engineering are involved directly and indirectly.

Student intake in the labs has increased tremendously offering practical knowledge in materials testing to students throughout the engineering faculty. The MTI has also been helpful in the performance of high-level researches conducted by both Lecturers and students (BEng; BTech. and Masters) and hosted for six consecutive years, a large number of Master students from Wiesbaden RheinMain – University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden,  and the Fachhochschule Aachen, University of Applied Sciences in Germany to perform detailed laboratory investigations related to Road and Pavement design that leads to their final year Masters of Engineering thesis.

The MTI currently also provide extensive research support towards PhD students  with advanced laboratory equipment and assistance from the world’s most renowned literature sources 

MTI team

View staff involved with the Materials Testing Institute.

View All Members

Mr. Rian Uusizi

Mr. David P. Katale


Dr Klaus Mueller

Mr Lukas Wakumudo

Mr Mervin Muukua

Featured Projects

MTI has undertaken some small works on various projects in Namibia. The following list contains the number of Clients that MTI has rendered service to:

Tullow Oil: Kudu Gas Field (geotechnical survey)
Gecko Mining (Pty) Ltd (aggregate testing)
Gecko Mining (Pty) Ltd (aggregate testing)
Namibia Engineering Laboratory (geotechnical testing)
Langer Heinrich Uranium Mine (geotechnical and aggregate testing)
Materials Testing Institute's


MTI is a member of the Namibian Standard Institute (NSI) technical committee and the Namibian Construction Industry Federation (CIF)

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